The struggle is real

The struggle is so real. You would think after all the advances in life, technology, science and government that there would be less struggle for people. I think a lot about that fact it is only 15 years into this century and 100 years ago this time 1914 it was so different. We have come so far in advancements in the human race. Many for the better, but the struggle is still so real. Even 10 years ago my college roommate and I talk about how we never saw this coming. Although in college you are more hopeful and naive about the future, the world and yourself. You could not predict the failure of preparation from college for the rest of your life. College is suppose to prepare you for a job in the real world and the money that you spend on an education is recouped when you start a career. However you do not always get a career. I certainly do not have that career that will pay for my student loans. There is so many and so much. But I should point out that I was fully aware that college would cost a lot of money and I would be responsible for paying it off for a very long time.

In this 30th year of my life I have found that being in a job that you enjoy and pays the bills is difficult. I have changed jobs several times not always by choice. And at this point in the last few months of this year I will take just about any job to make some cash to pay the bills. Therefore, the struggle is real. I can not even imagine how families can survive with one income and children, or single parents. If I had a child I would have been running back to living with family a long time ago. I at least can assert that I would have done a lot of things differently. At the end of the day I have no idea how to fix everything. All I can do is try my hardest to make it better. But for now in my life and in many others across America the struggle is real and ongoing.

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