Sensationalized media

I think in high school I took one class called Mass Media, I vaguely remember it on account that its been over 10 years. As the years pass me by it gets harder to retrieve memories that do not hold a significance in my current life. However, this one class does not give me any real perspective on the media or what it chooses to do. But in an episode of a show I was watching recently they were discussing the fact that the media chooses to sensationalize and publisize events that are can be made to sound more eyebrow rising, Such as adding key words and phrases that will catch the attention of the masses but may be off the actually topic and/or true facts of the story. In my understand the core of the media was to present the facts of what is happening locally, in the country and world wide. Although, it seems that there are less facts on the tv news outlets, printing in newspapers, and posted in online articles, it is overwhelmingly saturated with opinions on current situations of events. These opinion then get translated into facts for many of those you can not read between the lines. But why should we have to read in between the lines, can they not just present the facts?
Just some thoughts…what are yours?

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