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Hello world, my name is Theresa Drinkwater, yes that is really my last name, get all the jokes out of your system… Then there are the people that say awe that’s cool, and I politely reply, “thanks” But lets be honest not everyone loves their name just like most girls hate their natural hair, this is why hair stylist have a lucrative

I've done the pixie hair cut for about a year now and I'm in love with it.

I’ve done the pixie hair cut for about a year now and I’m in love with it.

career in changing peoples hair color, cut, and style for years now. My thing is my name is so many letters, 10 for the last name. I always wanted to use a pen name if I were to write a book, I’d be Annie Waters. (My middle name is Anne) But honestly Annie isn’t me, I am Theresa, always have been and always will be. However in my late twenties changes in my life gave reason to reexamine my ideals, desires, and choices. 

I’m 30 years old and I do not have a career. So not what I expected my life to turn out to be. But what can you do now, wallow in self pity and misery for months become depressed, sit at home watching romantic comedies and stuffing your face with unhealthy foods. Or here is a thought umm, do something. Well that is what I’m doing. I’ve struggled, with the question, What do you want to do? Or What do you want to be? I identify myself as a women, not a painter, poet, creator, teacher, mom, wife, manager or anything like that. I thought I was and I was some of those things. Now three decades of experienced life which includes college, graduate school, traveling to Europe & the Caribbean, a marriage, owning six different cars, moving to the other side of the nation and then landing in southern California sitting in my back yard drinking a cup of coffee on a saturday morning, I am ultimately not what I thought I’d be. I’m not anger per say, I’m say, “WTF”, and “what the hell happened”, “Crap what makes me happy”. I spent a long time making others around me happy an this intern fulfilled my own internal happiness seeing my friends and family filled with joy.

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