Past Closure

How did we become strangers when in whispers I swore to God you were the only being that saw me?

Who do you see now?

I wanted to write you a goodbye letter

So you knew the secret part of me;

The aftermath of you

Mind/tricks and mementos

A person who looses memory and therefore footing

A person whose insanity is so intense moment by moment that it’s a miracle she is still functioning on a relatively socially acceptable manner

I don’t know if you should know all this

You have broken my heart so many times and on so many different levels that I can’t begin to explain to you the sorrow of my humanity. My chest burns with an instinct to lurch forward and beg for the release from the lonely existence of being bound to an unwelcome party.

But I know why I stay

The question is why do you?

Irrelevant now.

Soon you will be gone.

It doesn’t mater. There isn’t enough time for it to matter. But I still wonder…

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