Lost in my day dreams

I just don’t know what to do.
There are things that annoy me about you, things that you do that make me want to scream.

Then minutes pass and I block those things out of my brain.
Well at least the fore front of my current thoughts. I tuck them deep within my subconscious.
And I do not recall them for hours, days, or even weeks.
I get lost in the day dream of life being different now.

I battle with my inner self each day searching for the less melancholy place. The alternative to altruistic levels of incoherent happiness that is sickening when I smell it. It turns my stomache bile and urges it to rush upward.
The battle is not a war, just a fight. Who will capture the flag today? Who will with tonight?
Not me because I am lost in the day dream.
is that all this really is a day dream?

No it’s reality. So a choice must be made. Well that would be what you assume, that a choice must be made. However, I am still lost in that day dream, somewhere between the sunsets of hot days and creatures sounds in the night.
The peaceful sounds kick back those renegade thoughts that creep to the front of the line.

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