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I heard someone say in a conversation that they sold their boat when the economy went downhill a few years ago. I’m paraphrasing but this was something I didn’t expect to hear as a reason why. This bit of conversation made me think. The news, politicians, friends around the tables and tv shows all have touched on the subject of economy over the last decade. I can vividly recall numbers and percentages not facts. And I don’t know what to believe. What I can tell you is from experience. I didn’t think to much about health care or what was happening to other people a year ago. I was working a full time job with benefits and living on my own. I was paying my college loans off and a car payment to match. But then each month it got harder to fill up my gas tank. I felt like I had no options to pay less money to my college loans or credit debt. I wasn’t able to save any money but I had a steady flow of income. In February 2014 that all changed when I was let go from my job as a restaurant general manager. I kept telling myself it will be ok I’ll find something quick I have lots of skills.
I’ve been working since I was 12 years babysitting, then in the food service and management and retail. However my degree is not in that field. I’ve got all this experience and one field and I think it can transfer over to another but I was mistaken.
I thought my desirable qualities of multi-tasking, being a quick learner, and the ability or handle face paced and high pressure situations would jump off the page on my resume. As I looked for jobs day after day sending out resumes I did not get as many responses as I had imagined I would. It was disappointing. This really drove me to contemplate on what I really wanted to do. Could I work a job to get a paycheck? Did I need a career and have meaning in what I do? I thought about the list you make when you are six years old

“what I want to be when I grow up”

My list was filled with several different professions as it was all over the place like many others have. However the more saddening of the list was I remember my conviction for having a plan. ( at this point most people would say, “some how a long the way things did not go according to plan” but I know what happened. I followed my heart and shut off my head. ) the choices I consciously made brought me to this point in my life.
At the end of the day I take ownership for the choices I made which brings me to this current job conundrum.
The jobs that I thought I was qualified for or could be trained for I did not get. I took a position that was opposite of what I was previously doing and convinced myself that it was what I needed. Granted I’ve learned a lot of information about the business, but most importantly myself. I didn’t make the wrong choice in accepting this work. I went wrong by convincing myself it would be enough.

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