Finished the 1st Day

f-h-clough_french-maid-417 This is not what the uniforms look like anymore. 🙂

I could say I didn’t know what to expect but I had a general idea of what I’d be doing. Cleaning peoples houses. Truth is I thought about how it would be  work everyday cleaning up after people and I was worried I might hate it because I don’t tend to clean up a lot in my house. A few things surprised me during the week day.


  1. People’s houses in the town I live in are so different and unique but I LOVE looking at the design, decor and functionality of the home. There are some many styles that I have likes in homes and getting to see them up close is a different perspective especially because I’m seeing how it is clean a place such as the ones I saw.
  2. I have to bend up and down a lot throughout the day and when I do not bend correctly and I’m not “MC’gellin” my lower back hurts.
  3. I get really thirsty after cleaning.
  4. Vacuums are heavy and when I operate one I look as if I am in my first day of clown school trying on my BIG shoes and tripping every other step I take and all my classmates are laughing at me. Also its freakishly heavy and can walk itself on occasion without my assistance. (no one was really laughing at me, no one was even watching but I felt like the should be and laughing because its a vacuum I mean come on now get a grip)
  5. Tiny little Scion Iq car can turn on a dime, and you can pack a lot of stuff in the back in a very specific way. Its the company car I got to drive it around today.


After a day of cleaning, in which I knew once I came home I would not want to clean one things I was exhausted. But truthfully it was only because I was tried because I did not go to sleep until 1:30am.

Not sure what the future holds for tomorrow I know that there will be some more bathroom cleaning in my future and I am sure I will get real real real good at it and complete it faster. Hopefully, the vacuum and i figure out a way to walk along life in harmony.

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