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Growing up everyone talks about how little girls in playing dress up and the iconic “house” or “family” game with their dolls leads to them planning their future life, which is only precipitated by their magical wedding day…the most important day of their life, or the best day of their life. This is often how it is expressed in movies, books, tv and everyday in conversation. I can admit that as a young girl I would sit and wonder what my wedding day would be like. I did not grow up in the typical all american family that is honestly so rare I don’t know what were even reference it at all anymore. My parents were divorced young, and my grandmother raised me was also divorced twice when I came to live with her. I never imagined that my father would walk me down the isle, and I only set the wedding in a church because there was one in the center of town where I grew up and I loved the architecture of the building and thought the pictures would be enchanting and perfect. And then I wanted a house that was on a large property with plantation shutter, and large pillars in the front, exactly like the white house in Sweet Home Alabama, or even Forest Gump’s home.

I do not really understand why I loved these houses so much. I did not grow up in one anything like this but to me this was the American Dream that I had to have. This is what I dreamed about. Well its been quite some time since I was a little girl dreaming about wedding, and homes and life thus far did not end up like what I dreamed about as a little girl. I would not say that was a bad thing. I have learned a lot over the years.

For one, dreams you have before you turn 15 change about 3892.029 times. Two, life is never as it seems when you are young compared to when you are 10 years older. Three, you don’t just have to work hard for what you want you have to work harder than the person next to you. Four, we should have a new American Dream for little girls and why don’t we talk about what little boys dream about? Is it because they are not advanced enough in their knowledge that they do not have the capacity to have imaginative thoughts beyond slaying dragons & demons in the latest video game.

Societal pressures and conceptions of the genders has formed through the influences they have on the masses of the population, media and technology has not hinder the magnification of information to reach all ends of the earth. The pressures and misconceptions that are formed about the genders have slightly adjusted with different times afoot, however there are still underlying issues that I have. Little girls are still dreaming of their wedding day, I just do not think that is the most important day. I guess I wish i spent less time thinking about that day and more about other things.

forrest gump housemartha berry house

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