Most days, during most times of my life I can’t wait to get home and take off my clothes to put on my “comfy pants” or “pajama pants”. Every girl I know has their favorite pair. I remember in high school it was a gray pair of sweat pants that I got from the thrift store that I cut the bottoms off of. I wore them to school (I was clearly not cool or hip in anyway) with a white tank top and a black sweat shirt zip up sweater. This was my go to once a week out fit and when I got home I did not want to take it off. Nowadays I get home and strip every layer of clothing off so I can put on my “comfy pants”. Here in lies my issue with the pants. I went out one day to add a pair to my collection of pants to wear only in my home and not out in public, because they are not flattering and only someone whom loves me should witness me in them because they are not cute. So I bought these pink and black plaid ones because even though I know and make the conscious choice to not wear them in public I want to be try to be cute at home. I get the pants in a larger size then normal because let face I am some years from those days in the gray sweat pants from the thrift store in high school and my ass is not getting any smaller, either is my waist. When I get home and try on the pants they are a little snug but I just shrug it off that they will stretch out and feel great soon. I bought those pants 5 years ago and I still have not given thgray spantsem up. Why? Well that’s an easy answer, I want to be cute they look great with a white tank top and they aren’t that uncomfortable. But I wore them for a few hours tonight and as I was getting into bed I had to change into my go black “comfy pants” the go to pants of college. They are the best and still fit perfect after 10 plus years. I had to replace the gray sweat pants from the thrift store, they did not last long, being on their second life. I am so much more comfortable now. I can breathe, my thighs can breathe. However, when I took of the black and pink plaid pants I folded them up and put them in my drawer. Someone how inner me believes my ass will flatten, waist will shrink, and thighs will separate…soon…or sometimes before winter weather stops coming around and it is just always blazing hot in southern California.

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