When you think about the word change you either fall on one of two sides of the spectrum. Change is good for you. or Change is bad for you. These are the basic principals of people either being able to adapt to the circumstances of their environment around them or not being at to. What made me think of this topic is the repeated gnawing desire to change the theme of my blog. I feel like the red, black and white is too harsh. I think if it were more girly and whimsical it would be more appealing to the eyes. The colors and lines seem hard and edgy. Its not that I want to be soft and frilly. I just feel other colors would be more aesthetically appetizing to my corneas. However changing the theme will require some restructuring of widgets and adds, this takes tedious time. I spent hours already in front of the computer picking this theme and deciding if this is the correct one.  There are hundreds to choose from and I feel that if I continue to change it up frequently then it will have less appeal as well. But I am not married to this theme or design, it just does not feel right. Hence forth CHANGE. And so in this case it is both good and bad for me. Either I can embrace the challenge or block it. At the moment I’m blocking and asking you what do you think? Should I embrace a change and step into another direction?

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