Banana Bread

I love to cook. I enjoy experimenting with different foods and spices and making my own recipes. I don’t think I am exceptional at it but I thought I should share some of the things I cook with everyone.

When I am going to make a recipe more often then not it is one that is paleo. Some of my favorite websites to look at are & Civilized Caveman & Nom Nom Paleo. Those are all great resources if you want to check out some really cool recipes and food blogs.

In our house we go through phases with food, sometimes we crave it and want lots then we get sick of it and don’t want to eat it. This happened to be the case with bananas recently so I made some banana bread.

I used a recipe off PaleOmg the Coffee Cake Banana Bread

I did somethings a little different. I did not make the topping this time. I just used some course almond meal. I added chocolate chips (about 1/2 cup ) after it was in the pan before oven and mixed them in with spatula. I used raw honey not maple syrup, because I have that in the house I ran out of maple syrup. I made my own cashew butter. And lastly I put parchment/wax paper inside the bread pan as a liner. I find that you can then just pull out the bread. After the bread cools I pull off paper.



banana bread 2banana bread

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