Awkward moment

This is a moment brought to you by my life…

When u are sleeping and dreaming a vivid dream that you feel as thought you are there about a guy. But then, you are woken up by your guy and awe shit it’s not the same guy in the dream. Then you try not to show the dumbfounded look on your face only in your brain.

Often people say that they don’t remember their dreams but sometimes they do. And they just are not telling you because they need to figure out what it means to them before they start sharing it with anyone. I can tell you that is my case. I have had some bizarre off the wall dreams, if I dare share it with someone they would not look at me the same.

My good friend Freud and Jung are the most prominent theorizers on dreams. But really is a dream? You can decide which theorist to divulge your belief in, personally I feel as though there is a meaning behind the dreams that we have. What the meaning is I am not sure. I can go on an uncensored exploration of my inner unconscious to discover the depths of my wishes and this I believe would lead me to some answers. However, I do not know that proper medium in which to facilitate this journey. Until that time may come I will jot down some notes on my dreams and share them if they are not too bizarre.

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